San Diego Indiefest


IndieFest celebrates and advocates for outstanding independent music, film, art, business and ideas. We are passionate in our conviction that music and art can uplift, inspire and motivate in ways nothing else can. There is a world of good going on out there that simply doesn't get the attention nor support it deserves. We strive to change that. With the collective power of the people, progress happens! IndieFest 8 features a three-day celebration of independent music, film, art, business and thought. It is family friendly and wildly eclectic with a wide array of amazing visual art, activities, film, comedy, dance, delicious food, beer and spirits for our 21+ patrons. And then of course, we have tons of music.

the team


Danielle LoPresti
Co-Creator/ Executive Producer

A leader in the San Diego indie music scene, Danielle was propositioned by several major labels in the 90's with the condition she change the message of her activist music. And after writing and performing the End Title track for the biggest major motion picture comedy of 1996 and denied performance royalties and a spot from the soundtrack, Danielle was fueled with a fire for the indie music community like no other. Creator of the renown Indie By Design monthly concert series, Danielle also founded Say It Records, an independent activist record and production company that provides a platform from which she has been able to defy the myth that popular music must avoid or "water down" socially conscious themes in order to be entertaining.


Alicia Champion
Co-Creator/ Executive Producer

Singaporean-born Alicia has been an avid workaholic since the age of 15, who released her first self-produced and engineered album at age 17. A alumnus of Berklee College of Music, she has worked with a barrage of accomplished artists including Steven Tyler, P!nk, and James Taylor. Winner of VH1s nationally televised talent competition, You Rock With Melissa Etheridge, Alicia also recently appeared in the 20th Century FOX primetime TV series, Glee. After teaming up with Danielle LoPresti, the two funneled their passion for social causes and the arts, into creating what eventually became San Diego IndieFest.


Jacqueline Delaney
Marketing Director

Jacqueline Delaney is an accomplished creative event producer and business and marketing consultant for various companies large and small. With 20 Years experience in the Music/Arts/Entertainment Production & Restaurant/Hospitality Industries, combined with 10 Years experience in event management, sales management, partnership management, marketing, public relations, brand consulting and team development. Jacqueline's expertise takes her to events all over the country, whether it be managing VIP hospitality at Coachella backstage, or celebrating sustainable, local oyster farming at The Central Coast Oyster Festival, which she created.


Paul Giret
film stage director

Embracing both the spirit of the Starfish and the Unicorn, Paul Mathew Giret is able to create MORE of the things you rarely see. Please allow me to explain. You see, on the one hand, the Starfish has been proclaimed the universal symbol for MORE (by Paul, of course) because it needs nothing MORE than itself to procreate. That is to say, the only element it needs to make MORE of itself is, well, MORE of itself. Therefore, the Starfish not only symbolizes MORE, the Starfish is MORE. On the other hand, the Unicorn, known by most but seen by few, is not scary like the sasquatch. However, the experience of seeing the Unicorn has been compared by some to intravenous Dimethyltryptamine usage. This is the very same experience Paul seeks to create every time he approaches an artistic endeavor. Founder of the San Diego Student Film Festival, Director of Photography, Film Editor, Animator, Event Coordinator, Film Producer, Writer, and Activist, Paul, with the combined help of the Starfish and the Unicorn (a marvel he fondly refers to as the "Starfish Unicorn Experience"), has left a colossal torrent of eclectic work in his wake over the past decade. And he has no plans of stopping.


Edwin Decker
Vendor Overlord and Beverage Management

Edwin Decker is a freelance writer and performance artist. He regularly publishes articles in various newspapers and magazines around the country including The San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Reader, and San Diego CityBeat. It is CityBeat that hosts his infamous and often hilarious biweekly column, Sordid Tales as well as the column's auricular cousin, Sordid Tales: The Podcast! Ed has produced, coordinated and managed varying aspects of dozens of music festivals and special events including San Diego Street Scene, San Diego Music Awards, San Diego LGBT Pride Festival, Southern California Writer's Conference, Viejas' Ultimate Music Challenge, to name a few. He also has bartended for and managed several San Diego live music venues including The Bacchanal, 4th & B, Winston's Beach Club, 710 Beach Club, Blind Melons and Buffalo Joes in the Gaslamp.

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