San Diego Indiefest



San Diego IndieFest is the first festival of it's kind in the United States. It's a coming-together of cutting edge ideas, out-reach, activism and art of all kinds including Music, Dance, Visual Art and lots more, all designed to ignite, educate and INSPIRE.

None of it would be possible, however, without the effort, talent and hard work of our beloved Volunteers, Crew and Sponsors.

If you're interested in being a part of IndieFest 9, we'd be honored to have you with us. We need helpers of ALL kinds, so if you've got some time or resources to share, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Allie Margis at We need helpers all year long, and in March, we need hundreds.

In return for your excellent service, here are some things we can do for you:

-we can write you one of the best recommendations you've ever had

-consider you for paying positions

-refer you to work in your field of interest....and of course you get a FREE PASS to IndieFest.

More info can be found here as show time draws nearer.

Thank You again...we're looking forward to meeting you.

In Solidarity,
~Danielle LoPresti & Alicia Champion

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